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What is "TAMASHIMA"?

Tokyo is a world-famous metropolis.
But even in this ever-evolving city,
there are still spots where abundant nature relieves and relaxes visitors.

Tama and the Islands of Tokyo

TAMA refers to areas where the scenery of mountains boasting a wealth of water resources
is transformed each season and where original Japanese landscapes unfold;
preserving strong and traditional cultural influences.

SHIMA refers to where the islands of Tokyo
coexist with the bounty of nature in the form of volcanic islands;
housing dolphins and diverse fish species in grand neighboring
oceans and where star-filled skies bejewel the night.

This is a tourist website featuring the best of such TAMASHIMA.
Popular writers post attractive stand-out scenes during their trip to TAMASHIMA
and reflecting their signature expressions and photos.
It also features full coverage of their recommended routes for world views and other highlight spots.

What are your plans for the weekend…?

It is now high time to visit Tama and the Islands of Tokyo.

This page is operated by
the Tama Area and the Islands Promotion Project
of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

(*) What is TAMASHIMA?
TAMASHIMA is the collective term referring to the Nishitama area and comprising Ome City, Fussa City, Hamura City, Akiruno City, Mizuho City, Hinode-machi and Hinohara-mura
and the islands of Tokyo comprising Oshima, Toshima, Niijima, Shikine-jima, Kozu-jima, Miyake-jima, Mikura-jima, Hachijo-jima, Aoga-shima, Chichi-jima and Haha-jima.


  • Ome
  • Fussa
  • Hamura
  • Akiruno
  • Mizuho
  • Hinode
  • Hinohara
  • Okutama
  • Oshima
  • Toshima
  • Niijima
  • Shikine-jima
  • Kozu-shima
  • Miyake-jima
  • Mikura-jima
  • Hachijo-jima
  • Aoga-shima
  • Chichi-jima & Haha-jima