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Tokyo's New Luxury, found in Tama and the islands of Tokyo

Tokyo's new luxuries found in the Tokyo Islands

The Tokyo Islands, islands floating in the ocean that stretches out to the south of the big city.
A journey through the unique cultures and atmosphere of each island, across the shining ocean and over the pure white sands, bathing in natural hot springs and the light of the sun setting over the seas.
Gently settle into the slow flow of island time and enjoy the height of Tokyo's New Luxury.

A tropical paradise even in autumn!
Let the ocean, mountains,
and sunsets energy you.


Subtropical flowers like hibiscus bloom in this island paradise with a warm, humid climate. Play in the perfectly clear waters of the ocean, nicknamed the “Hachijo Blue,” and let autumn give way to everlasting spring.

  • Bicycle
  • High-Speed Jet Boat
  • Airplane




Enjoy the waters of the "Hachijo Blue"

Try aquatic sports in the perfectly blue, crystal-clear ocean. Swim with tropical and large migratory varieties of fish. You might even meet a sea turtle!

An electnic bicycle will make pedaling easier.

Explore Hachijojima by bicycle

Check out Hachijo Botanical Park and Furusato Village before heading for Nanbara Senjojiki Beach.

Watch the sun set from Nanbara Senjojiki Beach

Relax and watch the sun sink below the horizon from a beach spotted with craters like the surface of the moon, all while listening to the peaceful sound of crashing waves.

Check out of your hotel

Soak in the amazing views at Miharashi-no-Yu Spa

Treat yourself after a long bike ride with a luxurious soak in the open- air outdoor bath. The exercise beforehand will make the water feel even better!

Explore Uramigataki

Walk behind the waterfall and experience the thrill of entering a hidden territory!

Explore the Okago area

The central part of the island is packed with restaurants, cafes, and gift shops.
*Return your bicycle.

Hachijojima Airport


Leave Hachijojima Airport at 5:20 PM

Haneda Airport

*Information as of January 2018

Find a beach you like.
Take a bicycle ride as the road leads you.


The island of Niijima is a famous hub for surfers, while Shikinejima is filled with jagged coastal inlets, beautiful coves, and hot springs. On this luxurious two-day trip, pedal your bicycle wherever the mood takes you and discover spectacular vistas made just for you.

  • Bicycle
  • High-Speed Jet Boat




Take a bicycle ride to find your favorite beach

Breathe in the ocean air and set out to find a special beach just for you! White-sand beaches and the deep blue sea sparkle in the warm sunlight. Stop wherever you want and let pleasant hours slip away.
[Explore Honson Maehama Beach and stop for lunch nearby.Then, check out the view from Ishiyama Observatory and head for Habushiura Coast.]

Take a break at Habushiura Coast

Lose track of time on this gorgeous beach. Why not read a book with the gentle sound of the waves as a backdrop?

Watch the sun set from Yunohama Hot Spring

A spa in the style of an ancient Greek temple! Try taking a dip at dusk when the sky changes color.




Rent a bicycle.

Explore Shikinejima by bicycle

Besides exploring the beaches and hot- spring spas, check out views of the island from Gunjiyama Observatory.

Relax at Tomari Beach

Almost completely surrounded by rocks, this beautiful fan-shaped cove is practically a private beach. Listen to the sound of the waves amid the calm.

Enjoy the secluded Matsugashita Miyabi-yu Spa

This outdoor bath feels like your own secret hot spring. The reddish-brown waters will warm you to the core.


Leave Hachijojima Airport at 5:20 PM


*Information as of January 2018