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Tokyo's New Luxury, found in Tama and the islands of Tokyo

Tokyo's new luxuries found in Tama

Journey beyond the heart of the city and you will find the Tama area, an oasis in Tokyo abundant with greenery and waters. The four seasons are a day's trip away here, wher ebirds chirp and rivers babble as the scent of the trees wafts through a space dotted with brilliant flowers and beautiful autumn leaves.
Relax and surrender yourself to untouched nature, listen to the sound of your heart and search for inner peace with these new Tokyo luxuries.

Golden route from which you can enjoy majestic Mount Takao to the fullest


Mount Takao is a destination a short distance from central Tokyo, where you can enjoy taking a leisurely hike even on a day trip. Spend an active day looking for majestic spots that have been awarded three stars in the Michelin Guide, as with Mount Fuji.

  • Walk
  • Cable car

Cable Car Kiyotaki Station

Start your journey on the cable car that boasts the steepest slope among all cable car lines in Japan!

Roughly 6 minutes

Mount Takao Monkey Park

Before visiting the mountaintop temple, you may want to take a side trip to a monkey park. The sight of young monkeys and their parents playing together will make you smile.

Roughly 16 minutes

Takaosan Yakuoin Temple

Visit Takaosan Yakuoin Temple, which is one of the greatest spiritual hot spots around Mount Takao. The temple may well bring you good luck, due to its historical background as a spiritual mountain that has served as a training center for the ancient Japanese religion of Shugendo.

Roughly 20 minutes

Top of Mount Takao

Enjoy the stunning view of Mount Fuji from the top of Mount Takao. Some people say that the “dragon’s pulse” (the channel through which the power of the earth passes) from Mount Fuji flows into Mount Takao, so here you can gain power equivalent to that you may earn by climbing Mount Fuji.

Roughly 30 minutes

Mt. Takao Beer Mount

Drink a toast at the highest beer garden in Japan. Indulge yourself with a feeling of accomplishment at this unparalleled scenic overlook.

*Information as of July 2019

A short pleasant trip with a leisurely picnic lunch


Bring whatever you like to a park filled with nature. Spend a blissful time of relaxation in a laid-back environment.

  • Walk
  • Bus

Kichijoji Station

Kichijoji Nakamichi Shopping Street

Kichijoji Nakamichi Shopping Street has numerous unique, fashionable shops. At a store that offers prepared food, imported food, and general merchandise, loved by many people in Kichijoji, choose your favorite bento lunchbox from a selection of over 10 types of prepared food that change on a daily basis.

Roughly 6 minutes

Inokashira Park

Open your bento box and enjoy the picnic. Soothe your heart amid the rich nature that extends around Inokashira Pond, a famous scenic spot since the Edo period (1603 to 1867).

Roughly 25 minutes

Jindai-ji Temple

You may want to take a bus for a side trip, and have a walk around the lush precincts of Jindai-ji Temple. The temple is popular as a spiritual hot spot with the soothing sound of clear streams.

Roughly 5 minutes

Jindai-ji Temple approach

On your way back to the station, it would also be fun to go on a walk-and-eat tour around the temple. Your heart will skip as you munch your favorite treats.

Roughly 7 minutes

Jindai-ji Hot Spring Yumori-no-Sato

You may take a brief detour on your way back. Experience the natural black water hot spring, which is also enjoyed by local people. Your fatigue accumulated over the day will vanish quickly as you enjoy the hot spring’s affluent hot water that comes directly from the source.

Roughly 8 minutes

Free shuttle bus

Chofu Station

*Information as of July 2019

Savor the sights of spring on a bicycle ride that will have your spirits in full bloom as well!


A variety of seasonal flowers bloom in this precious area known as "Tokyo's garden." When spring is in the air, set out on a leisurely journey to take it all in!

  • Walk
  • Bicycle
  • Bus
  • Train

Fussa Station

Rent a bicycle near the station.

Enjoy cherry blossoms while bicycling along the Tama River

Along the way, check out the Hamura Intake Weir, Sakurazutsumi Park, Negaramimae Paddy, and other spots.

Relax amid rows of cherry trees

Take a leisurely bike ride along the Tama River on a quiet path lined with cherry trees. As blossoms fall all around you, the peaceful surroundings may even invite you to release your inner child and stop for a nap!

Take stunning snapshots of a tulip field

At Negaramimae Paddy, the Kanto region's largest tulip field, a brilliant carpet of primary colors will lift your spirits, and makes for great pictures, too!

Fussa Station

Return bicycle

Approx. 25 min.

Hunt for rare white dogtooth violets

At Sayama Katakuri- no-Sato, try searching for mysterious white dogtooth violets. Only one in tens of thousands of flowers is white instead of the standard purple, so finding one is sure to bring you good luck!

Approx. 10 min.

Approx. 8 min.

A taste of spring at Ishikawa Brewery

Learn about the history of sake brewing at the museum, go on a brewery tour, or try seasonal dishes and local sake at the restaurants of this veritable amusement park for sake. It's the quintessential taste of spring in Japan.

*Information as of January 2018

Rivers, waterfalls, and hot springs!
A journey that explores the healing power of water!


This beautiful, refreshing gorge was formed where mountains meet a clear, rushing stream. Let the life-giving waters bless you and emerge reborn!

  • Bus
  • Train

Musashi-Itsukaichi Station

Approx. 27 min.

Get off at the "Senzoku" bus stop and hike to Tengu Falls and Hossawa Falls.

Explore waterfalls to cleanse your soul

There's something about gazing at a pure, rushing waterfall that soothes a troubled mind. The splash of the crystal-clear waters will purify your body and spirit.

Savor local vegetables

Have lunch near Hossawa Falls. Vegetables here are grown using water from the freshest, purest streams, and you can really taste the difference!

Ishibune Bridge, a hanging rope bridge, is suspended across Akigawa Gorge near Seoto-no-Yu Spa. Take a deep breath and gaze in awe at the beauty of the gorge.

Approx. 12 min.

Approx. 10 min.

Clean off at Seoto-no-Yu Spa

Get fresh and clean after a hard trek in the outdoor bath, which offers spectacular views of Akigawa Gorge. Feel at one with nature and relax in the healing waters of the hot spring.

*Information as of January 2018

Reenergize yourself at a 900-meter mountaintop and other mystical spots filled with the power of nature.


A center of worship since ancient times, this mountain range is filled with sacred energy. Recharge your spirits as you take in mystical vistas sculpted by humans and nature.

  • Bus
  • Train

Mitake Station

Approx. 10 min.

Approx. 6 min.

Mount Mitake

Start your hike from Mitakesan Station. Along the way, check out the Tengu Rock, named for the long-nosed goblins of Japanese legend, and the Tengu's Seat, an unusually shaped cedar tree.

Power up at Musashi-Mitake Shrine

A center for Japan's ancient tradition of mountain worship, Musashi-Mitake Shrine is one of the most mystical spots in the Kanto region. The feeling of accomplishment from climbing Mount Mitake will energize you even further!

Cleanse your spirit at Rock Garden

This purifying spot is formed from moss-covered rocks and a waterfall ravine. Your spirits will surge as you fill your lungs with fresh air.

Take in spectacular views from the summit of Mount Hinode

All the fatigue of hiking will dissipate when you reach the summit and its amazing views. Time stands still as you gaze out at the vast panorama of the Kanto Plain spread out before you. Taste the delicious mountain air!

From the Mount Hinode summit, descend via Agokake Rock and Mitsuzawa.

Relax at Tsuru-Tsuru Onsen

This hot-spring spa surrounded by nature has a pleasantly rustic ambience. A strenuous hike beforehand will make the soothing waters feel even better!

*Information as of January 2018

A vibrant journey to stir the soul, without leaving the confines of Tokyo!


This entire lush forest on the northwest edge of Tokyo is a national park. Add a dash of color to your life with the brilliant hues of nature and the manmade illuminations of a limestone cave.

  • Walk
  • Bus

Okutama Station

Approx. 35 min.

Approx. 30 min.

Explore Nippara Limestone Cave

The cave is 11°C throughout the year; cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The dreamlike colors of the illumination will brighten your heart, and navigating your way through the narrow rocks is sure to thrill you!

Approx. 45 min.

Stroll along Lake Okutama

Take a pleasant walk around a lake surrounded by wilderness. The contrast between the blue-green surface of the lake, reflecting nearby mountain ridges, and the crimson autumn foliage of the lake's shore is truly breathtaking.

Approx. 20 min.

Approx. 10 min.

Enjoy the autumn colors at Okutama hot spring Moegi no yu

Take a dip in an outdoor bath offering views of Okutama's rushing streams and brilliant autumn colors. The fatigue of your walk will quickly melt away.

*Information as of January 2018