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Nov. 20
Added Take a Trip Through Tokyo’s Natural Wonder, Tokyo’s Islands of Enchantment to Special Contents
Nov. 18
Added Miyakejima to Special Contents
Oct. 24
Added Chofu and Fuchu to Special Contents
Oct. 10
Added Ad Gallery !
Oct. 7
Added Mount Takao to Special Contents
Sep. 27
Added Kozushima to Special Contents
Sep. 6
Added Mount Mitake to Special Contents
Aug. 29
Added Musashino and Tachikawa to Special Contents
Aug. 29
<News from TCVB>Monitor tours and bar hopping event, that you can enjoy the charms of Kichijoji deeply with, are now in progress!
Aug. 2
Check out new programs in Tama and Kozushima launched on 1st of August
July 31
We have updated TAMASHIMA.tokyo!
May 14
Added A sightseeing route through the countryside near villages in the western Tama region, A western Tama nature tourism route for traveling with friends, Guided Tour of Oshima, A Trip Around Miyakejima to Courses for Enjoying the Charms of Nature Parks
Apr. 10
Added Mikurashima Special!
Mar. 29
Added Akiruno Special!
Mar. 29
Added An Adventure Lover’s Guide to: Spelunking in Tokyo’s Hidden CavesFishing in Tokyo,Tokyo’s Mountain Hikes to Collaborate Contents
Mar. 7
Added A Quick Trip to Izu Oshima Island to Collaborate Contents
Mar. 7
Added Hinode & Okutama & Aogasima Special!
Jan. 29
Added Event Reports for Tourism Expo Japan 2018
Jan. 25
Added Hamura & Niijima & Hachijojima Special!
Jan. 25
Added Event Reports for TAMASHIMA Instameets at Tokyo Niijima Island Camp and Tokyo Akiruno
Dec. 3
Added Mizuho & Ome Special!
Nov. 30
Added Tama Hiking and Camping to Collaborate Contents
Nov. 19
Registration for TAMASHIMA Instameet Tokyo Akiruno is now closed.
Oct. 26
Added Miyakejima Special!
Oct. 10
Oct. 4
Added TAMA & SHIMA 360°VR Animal View to Movies!
Sep. 20
New Movies: TAMA & SHIMA 360°VR Animal Views

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